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Clarity Issue Tracking

Clarity Issue Tracking is a project written initially for use by Code & Clarity, but has since been used in production in a number of companies.  The goal was simple, effective issue tracking. The design is crisp and clean and allows the management of a large number of issues.  Issues can be maintained purely inside the application or be exported to Excel.

Technologies Used: MVC, MSSQL, Kendo UI, Bootstrap, JQuery,

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Supplier Prequalification web Application

ESG in Newburgh, IN needed a solution to a cumbersome process for prequalifying sub-contractors.  I was able to develop a web based application that created an automated workflow for requesting data from suppliers, accepting documentation and license information and progressing the supplier thru needed approvals.  Furthermore, we incorporated an automated approval matrix that enabled the system to make the majority of the pre-qualification decisions.

Technologies Used: MVC, MSSQL, Kendo UI, Bootstrap, JQuery

Port legacy application

Gibbs Diecasting

I worked with the IT team at Gibbs Diecasting in Henderson, KY to modernize a file transfer application used by their engineering group.  They had an application written 20 years ago in VB6, that they were no longer able to maintain.  I ported the app from VB6 to a modern MVC web application and updated their security.

Technologies Used: MVC, MSSQL, Kendo UI, Bootstrap, JQuery