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Clarity Issue Tracking


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Clarity Issue Dashboard

Clarity Issue Tracking is a project written initially for use by Code & Clarity, but has since been used in production in a number of companies.  The goal was simple, effective issue tracking. The design is crisp and clean and allows the management of a large number of issues.  Issues can be maintained purely inside the application or be exported to Excel.

The Dashboard provides a quick look at all issues.  See counts for all issues, number of projects, number of watched issues and the number of issues you are assigned.

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Fully Customizable

An issue tracker is no good to you if you can't configure it to suit your workflow.  Clarity issue tracker works with you instead of forcing you to conform to it.

We worked hard to make the defaults logical and useful for the largest number of folks.  However, you can easily change these defaults to whatever best works with your situation.  Issue types, categories, priorities are all customizable.  You can even choose what data you see on a given issue.

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Issue presentation

The issue presentation is crisp and clear.  Attention has been focused on fitting the most information possible in an atheistically pleasing manner.


Many other features

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